💬 “I am thrilled with Toolti”

The all-in-one toolkit for private teachers.

Before Toolti: Documents are everywhere, payments are missing, and students can't find their homework. After Toolti: Everything is in one place, you are free from tedious responsibilities 😌

🗓 Schedule and prepare for upcoming lessons

Forget about the chaotic mess of browser bookmarks, files on your computer, cloud docs and other places where you could lose your files. Everything belongs in one place.

💰 Track student’s contacts and payments

Students won’t suddenly start tracking their balance and topping it up, but there is an easy way to keep an eye on payments.

📚 Send and receive homework

Exchanging homework via direct messages is not the best option. Make your life easier, try sending homework via Toolti.

💬 People say about us

“Toolti is an awesome website that has everything online teachers need to keep track of students, lessons and payments. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I am thrilled with it.”

– Mandy Delport, private teacher

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide English lessons on this website?

We are not providing any teaching services, our main focus is to develop the best possible experience for private teachers 🤝

Do you offer online jobs?

Nope, we are helping private teachers to manage their existing students, but not to find any new 🤷

Is it like Zoom, or MS Teams, or Google Meet?

Not exactly, looks like everyone is quite happy with the existing tools like Zoom, Skype, etc for video calls, so we are focusing on data managing and scheduling features for now 🙂

What is the price?

Tooli is in the early release stage now, so the app is totally free ✨

What if I have other things to say or ask?

You can always book a call or send an email, would be happy to chat with you ❤️

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